Ned Nwoko’s 5th wife Laila Apologized to him

She took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday, September 3, 2022, where she penned a message to her ex husband and family.

“This is to my entire Ned Nwoko family. I have realized that I made mistakes that are not intentional. I listened too much to outsiders and I have decided to apologize to my husband and other members of the family. I want peace and progress in the family,” she wrote.

In her post almost a year ago, “She wrote”

“Hello, guys I want to say that no one has the right to talk about my marriage, please. Stop talking about people’s lives and I have divorced and already and nothing between him and me,” she wrote.

Few weeks after she announced their separation, Ned Nwoko released a statement on social media and gave details on how their marriage crashed.

He, denied the rumor that his marriage to Laila ended because of the influence of a local aphrodisiac called “Kayamata” sold by Jaruma.He also wondered why people patronized the product from Jaruma when the same product could not save her marriage.

He also said that the popular kayamata seller’s marriage didn’t last up to one year.

He also narrated what led to the collapse of his marriage to Laila.

He said the trouble started after Laila visited London with her kids on vacation.

During the trip, she abandoned her kids in the hotel and went clubbing, where she contracted the dreaded coronavirus.

According to the statement released, Laila and the unidentified man got into a fight and the police were invited.

She also got cosmetic surgery without his approval while she was in the United Kingdom.

The billionaire said he decided to release a statement to clear the air because Laila has continued to play the victim.

He finally distanced himself and his family from Jaruma and her business.

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