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This year, the Nigerian Music and Entertainment industries in general will witness one of the greatest comebacks of all time as well as celebrate the emergence of the new all-round king, as Awesome Productions (formerly Awesome Entertainment) makes an awesome re-entry with the introduction of its extremely gifted underdog, Osun -born Olayinka Atanda, AKA TRISTA; The Dreaded One On A Mission.

With the release of The New hit single by Trista titled JAH all set for media release, download and online streaming as from the 15th of January, 2021, the Nigerian Music scene is about to catch the fever generated by Trista’s energetic rendition of the amapiano infused house sound of JAH, as well as get blown away with its thought provoking lyrics as you vibe to the rhythm and beat.

Recall that Awesome Entertainment Record Label once held sway in the early days of the turn of the millennium with regular shows at the Legendary OJez bar, Onike featuring artistes like RNB crooning Spice Boys, Black Soldiers, Big Fish, Small Fish, even the great comedians called BASH, Baba D Baba, Bow Joint and some very notable artistes back then.
Now, after some years of being on a hiatus, the label is back with another identity; Awesome Productions, and music-loving Nigerians can be rest assured that this time, The King Is Truly Back.
Chaired by US-based entrepreneur, businessman, FIFA-certified scout, songwriter and entertainer, Mr. Dominic, Ajufo, the brilliant management team of the organization is in high spirits and very optimistic that they possess the required tenacity to win multiple accolades and awards in 2021.
In conclusion, the CEO, Mr. Dominic Ajufo also said that the comeback of Awesome Productions means a great deal for all Nigerian Music lovers and the abounding talents that need a stage to lend credence and a veritable platform to their golden voices and diverse talents respectively, as it plans to embark on some Youth Empowerment projects under the aegisof his SUBTLE SALT FOUNDATION which is an advocacy and capacity building-oriented organization which develop and implement projects that alleviate poverty and subverts the walls of ignorance and selfishness and which also focuses more on Education, Health (The Stay well World Health Programme is all set to hit major Nigerian Television channels and syndicated global network by the 2nd quarter of 2021. Kindly visit www.staywellworld.org to learn more), Music, Sports, and Justice.
He also said that the organization also has some diversification plans for the future which would also empower challenged youths aspiring to excel in other sectors of the Nigerian Entertainment industry.

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