Ekwunife Warns Against Using Her Name For Cheap Propaganda

The Senator representing Anambra Central Senatorial District in the 9th National Assembly, Senator Uche Ekwunife, has warned rumour-mongers to avoid bringing in her name into what she described as cheap and petty political propaganda targeted at some responsible political leaders in the society.

In a statement signed by her Media Aide, Kingsley Ubani, the Senator decried the increasing rate of attacks on the person of Mr. Peter Obi which she suspected were all from the same source. She said it was even more annoying that “those merchants of lies” keep bringing in her name into their petty games.

Warning those behind such malicious write-ups and rumours to desist from such lowness, the Senator stated that she would have ignored those malicious publications from people she described as faceless propaganda merchants, however it was important to issue a public statement against such publications because a lie told repeatedly can be accepted as truth. She said it was difficult for her to understand why anyone would be hell-bent on soiling the good name and reputation of Mr. Peter Obi.

In Nigeria today, everyone knows Peter Obi for who he is and what he stands for; one of the most prudent Nigerians and a man whose integrity and character are beyond reproach.

“As the Former Governor of Anambra State, his records still speak for him. Obi set impeccable records such that, when other governors were bequeathing debts to their successors, he left Anambra State debt-free and went further to hand over surplus savings of N75 billion, the dollar component of which is over N100 billion today as confirmed recently by Dr. Alex Otti, Former MD of Diamond Bank, where some of Obi’s surplus savings were lodged”.

“During Obi’s tenure as the Governor, Anambra State was adjudged as one of the States with best roads network in the country; the state with the best health infrastructure, the best in the implementation of the MDGs, the best in education, and many other sectors.

“Every true Anambrarian is and should remain proud of Obi for his lasting legacies as a governor. Peter Obi, today, is a brand, an institution that has gone beyond the level people can mess up with cheap propaganda. Peter Obi is not the kind of person to be associated with moral deficiency and irresponsibility but for financial prudence, good governance, skilled administration and so on. He remains a man all decent men are proud to be associated with.

She asked: “How can a man who achieved so much and left billions of naira for his successor be associated with $1 million bribe? What an arrant nonsense!”

Speaking further, the Senator expressed disappointment in dragging Prof Ben Nwabueze’s name into their senseless lies”. She said that the revered octagenarian should be respectfully allowed to enjoy his retirement in peace.

She also warned against tarnishing the good image of HE Amb. Bianca Ojukwu, an action she described as a gross disrespect to womanhood. “Unfortunately, we live in a society where debasing women is taken for granted, otherwise, why would people level such accusations against Bianca, who represents one of the bests of womanhood.”

Advising other political contestants, Ekwunife said they should play civilised politics and should not hide under the anonymity of propaganda to dish out lies and unfounded rumours”.

She noted that lies, propaganda, mischief, and treachery can never make one win elections rather it destroys one’s ambition because if no one sees you God sees you. She said she is in the Governorship race to win and by the special grace of God will win.

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