The Politics of Hope in Nigeria by J Duke Anago

It was Sahara Reporters that reported Monday Ubani saying: ‘most of the activists that powered the fuel subsidy removal protest in 2012 were now hobnobbing with the present administration’. This is a clear reflection of my topic, the politics of hope. They hoped for their turn, now everything is fine.

But, more deeper is that majority of protesters who enjoyed freedom of protest as at 2012 can’t enjoy same under this administration.

Nigerians are currently scared of being killed if voiced harsh discordant tune. Even with a turbo-charged presentation from the lawyer that appeared on Arise TV few days ago, widely shared, showing that the masses Patience have being tested, Nigerians are more docile than ever before.

One may mistake the silence to mean promises kept, not broken. But that is far from the truth:

On one hand, Nigerians are scared. By way of example, IPOB members were killed and some fed flood dirty water by the Nigerian security force for protesting for the release of their leader, Mr Nnamdi Kanu. Many Nigerians rejoiced , while few knew this was a dangerous precedence. After that incidence, many potential real protests not sponsored protests died.

On the other hand, Nigerians are poorer. Out side the fact they are losing hope of getting any kind of improvement, both the middle class and those already living below the poverty line are growing poorer by the day. And a hungry man don’t protest. You only queue in food bank or get N300 data and come online looking for handouts and giveaways.

The country political facade appears largely unchanged in the last decade, tensions and fragmentation’s among the ruling APC have deepened, just how it was under PDP that led Amaechi and his members to decamp to APC.

Economic conditions are fast deteriorating for the average citizen, while political repression remains a harsh reality.

Nigerians who have clung to hope and the possibility for change through decades of hardship, that prior to covid, struggle to remain hopeful, are now in complete State of hopelessness.

Every sectors of the economy are in shambles. Education, healthcare, business, banking and even oil and gas. The only viable sector is the political sector, where latest Lexus SUVs were purchased for the bourgeoise.

The youths of Nigeria prayer points are currently divided into two: Some are praying to be lucky to know somebody that knows someone closer to the national treasury. While the remaining are praying for their accumulator not to cut.

I was thinking, prior, that the current renewed economic pressure may indeed fuel the protest, which may lead to a revolution; I have long dead that thought process considering that protest, any real protest In Nigeria emanate from Lagos. Unfortunately, Lagos, the owner and his press gang are living on hope and water to emerge the anointed candidate for 2023.

Any protest, from Lagos, to challenge the current administration …. may attract intensified sanction. And Lagos Governor General, doesn’t like such play, atleast, not for now. Hence, the hunger, starvation, wanton lotocracy, are heavily downplayed, so they can remain in the good books of the Lord of the Manoralism.

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