COVID-19: Cross Riverians Take Responsibility! Protect yourself To compliment Government efforts! –

The COVID-19 Taskforce in Cross River State wishes to draw the attention of the public to the risk of abandoning safety measures put in place to safeguard their lives against the CORONA Virus.
Nigeria is at the peak of the pandemic with the country recording over 700 cases in a day. This is not the time to relax and lose guard. It’s not the time to gamble with your life. If you are waiting for the task force to push or force you to use your  face mask, face shield, avoid public gatherings, wash your hand and use hand sanitizers often; then you are putting your own life at risk.
Sometimes we see people in joints hanging out with friends, attending burials, weddings, parties, going to places of worship where safety is ignored on the grounds of religion, moving on the streets without nose mask or observing the right measures to keep safe. When asked the say “there is no Corona Virus in Cross River” so we don’t need to observe any of the safety measures. This is a wrong mindset that must be trashed immediately! Even when we had just 5 confirmed Cases in the country, clear measures were spelt out and we were asked to follow them faithfully, nothing has changed! If anything it has gone worse!
Every cross Riverians must take responsibility for their safety and that of others around them. While we do not have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the state, everyone must play their part in keeping safe. Remember that too soon the entire country will be open and people from epi-centers will come into the state and go out at will.  So we must imbibe the right culture on time. 
It is important that members of the public avoid public gatherings, those events can wait, those parties can wait, if it’s not very important, if it’s not very necessary, please avoid going out. Home is the safe zone. While we do not encourage panic as rumors have surnamed every disease COVID and every death COVID 19; preventing persons from seeking care for illnesses on time. We must exercise utmost caution. Stay safe! Stay home! Avoid gathering, use your mask always, use your hand sanitizers always, ensure physical distancing, and report any suspected incident to the COVID -19 Task force, call the toll free lines and seek care for all illnesses on time!

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