Lawyers to Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) today filed a motion at the Court of Appeal, Lagos for the Stay of the Execution of the judgment of Justice Saliu Saidu of the Federal High Court, Lagos delivered on March 25, 2020 which raised issues on the name, Copyright Society of Nigeria.

It will be recalled that lawyers to COSON, G.O. Sodipo & Co, on the same day that the judgment was delivered filed a Notice of Appeal and a Motion for Stay of Execution of the judgment at the Federal High Court, Lagos. Justice Saidu this Wednesday June 24, 2020 said that his judgment was declaratory so he could not stay it.

However, contrary to a demand by MCSN, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in a letter dated June 3, 2020 has informed COSON lawyers that CAC will not delist the name Copyright Society of Nigeria Ltd/Gte except the legal processes are concluded.

Reacting to the development, COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji, said “Those behind the gang-up against COSON should know by now that the Almighty is against them and against every one of their despicable moves.

“From the magnificent COSON House, in Lagos, we assure our thousands of members across Nigeria, affiliates, licensees, reciprocal representation partners across the world and the general public that the name Copyright Society of Nigeria continues to fly high and will continue to fly high to the glory of God. We wish to say it loud that COSON is solidly alive, remains 100% legal and legitimate. Of course, the general public is aware of the desperate gang-up to destroy COSON for no other reason than that COSON has been by far the most successful institution in the history of the Nigerian creative industry providing visible benefits to musicians across Nigeria. Those who do not want any good thing to happen in Nigeria want to destroy this exceptional Nigerian organization.

“During the Corona virus lockdown when everybody abandoned musicians, COSON was the one institution that came forward and gave help to thousands of musicians in every nook and cranny of the nation to reduce the pain which musicians are going through. Where were these trouble makers who opposed the help COSON was providing to suffering musicians? There is nothing that these people have not done to stop COSON from marching on. With everything they have tried, COSON continues to stand tall and spread wide. Our membership continues to grow exponentially. The magnificent COSON House continues to shine bright and beautiful. The COSON management remains solid and firm. The God of music has said blatant no to bad people.

“The COSON adversaries are throwing in the kitchen sink. They have now resorted to false propaganda in a desperate search for people they can hoodwink with promises of heaven on earth to Nigerian musicians, promises they could not fulfil since 1984, 36 years ago when they started their shambolic existence of failure in Nigeria”

Said COSON lawyer, Mr. James Ononiwu of Whitedove Solicitors, “I have looked very closely at the decision. With all due respect, it is perverse. Most people know that the beauty of the judicial system in a democracy is that no decision is final until the Supreme Court has spoken. COSON has been built on solid foundation of transparency, fairness and the rule of law. I am in this matter which is why with 100% confidence, I assure the COSON family that the name COSON will continue to shine bright across the Nigerian nation and across the world for many years to come.”

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