In today’s police, state or global policing with increasing awareness of global standard of human rights consciousness, what we needed are men and Offficers who can mirror’s themselves as an epitome of change and transparency in the calling of nation security.

Perhaps, No society or organization grows effectively without atticulate information which gives rooms to all citizenry to be proud of her nation capacity boldly if discussion arise within or outside the country.

As such, having the right Officer in the field of national security is pivotal to the Society “DSP BALA ELKANA ” police Public Relation Officer , Lagos State command ! Is one of its kind in the areas of information disssemination in Nigeria police force .DSP Bala X-RAY that , Another word for police is Mirror , and office of PRO is the true Image (Mirror) of police anywhere. Bala narated this when management of HERO INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE donated a standing mirror to the office PRO lagos state command as well office of PRO Zone 2 Onikan DSP (Ahj.) Hauwa Idris-Adamu information officer inchrage of Lagos and Ogun state command.PRO’s describes mirror as symbol of truth , stress that ,when standing before mirror what you see is yours original copy meaning mirror does not lie. He said. Further narated that , the standing mirror donated is not just a gift but a symbolic that portraits the reflection of the image we really want to be nation wide .

Thus, with every sense of commitment ,we are working tiredlessly to ensure we change the looks of police to improves in our calling and change the public perception about Nigeria police . This is the police of our dreams and we will surely get there . Meanwhile , I can categorically tells you that, if you do comparative analysis carefully as an investigative national media platform you can aggre with me , there are remarkable Changes to glory of God in Nigeria police today . Intrinsically ,success is a step by step journey and the work is in progress. DSP Bala said.

Also the PPRO’s thanks the Management of HERO INT’L MAGAZINE for looking inward as a national media Concerned to presents the factual image of police to the office, it is great call to serve the nation better with all sense integrity. Many thanks .PRO Zone 2 Onikan , DSP Hauwa Idris (Ahj.) concluded.

Watch full interview video on Bottomline Tv Chanel below.

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