As a matter of fact, the prime factor of every democracy be it, the one practiced in the Greek city-state of Athens or in the developed clime down to the “chameleonic one” being practice in Nigeria is the people. That is the reason, Abraham Lincoln defines it as the government of the people by the people and for the people. 
However, in a situation, where the people are being systemically annihilated from the system through “man-made poverty” and unemployment, what next? Automatically, it will become a “demonstration of Crazy” which has degenerated to the “epidemic killings” in Nigeria today.
Or, how do we explain the growing killings in the North? Raping of ladies in the South even in the Church of God? And other hienous news revolving round the nation’s life cycle.
It’s in order to reduce the pain of this horrific display that PEOPLES EMPOWERMENT AND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (PEEF) in collaboration with like minds visited Nino’s Children Foundation in the recent time and gave her widow’s mite to the orphan.
Therefore, as we continue to celebrate this great day in our nation’s history, let’s remember to pray to God to heal our land from the ills that have turned some of our States to the epicenter of mass killing, rape, poverty etc. So that the labour of heroes pass will not be in vain.
God bless Nigeria.
Happy Democracy Day Sir/Ma.
Femi Oluwasanmi.

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