“As a ministry,we have have made presentation to the Akwa Ibom state executive council on the need for Akwa Ibom state to begin to plan for the future without oil. Presentation has been made for the state government to have a thirty (30) year development plan which was graciously approved by the exco”._Akan Okon.
One of the main focus of a government lies in development, to achieve development, it is important to have the right people in the right place with the right skills, knowledge and abilities.
Development is not rewarding without infrastructural leader to saddle the responsibility of expanding the economy with visionary and articulated projects. The creation of healthy environment will encourage healthy economies and sustainable development. It takes capacity to do this as well as good leadership, a viable plan, motivation and the support of the people. 
It takes capacity to build capacity, and it takes a well thought process to start both capacity building and effective development. In capacity building, it requires the ability to identify and access opportunity, infrastructure, supportive institutions and physical resources.
Again the honorable commissioner of economic development and Ibom seaport on february16, 2020 said I quote,,”the state has very dedicated, talented and intelligent young men and women as such they shouldn’t beg for bread and that they would excel if they are provided with opportunities to make something for themselves.”
Akwa Ibom is industrial driving state birthing the vision and policy of industrialization of Governor Udom Emmanuel administration through a capacity building expert in person of Akan Okon.
As indigenes of the state, we have witness  industries such as Ibom air,the flour mill,the syringes factory and the rest of them.     With the skills, knowledge and under staking initiatives to combat social , economic,  political and environmental problem, a framework that provide some broad based direction and identifies key process issues and experience  such as building support, making plan, implementing and adjusting the plan and maintaining momentum is found in Akan Okon.
Akwa Ibom is getting better day by day because a capacity builder is working for a capacity and visionary governor.Udom Emmanuel and Akan Okon are development specialists.
God bless the future©Prosper Effiong

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