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I want to make it clear that Africa is a disappointment on many fronts. The continent’s leaders do not deserve life itself. We’ve all failed.
But there’s a baby in the bathwater.

In my sincere interactions with some Africans ( I have engaged people on different subjects across the 48 African countries I’ve visited), I have come to observe some of the weaknesses in our overall appreciation of the world around us, especially issues of geopolitics.

And this makes me to suspect that we unconsciously exhibit telltale signs of inferiority even on issues we have superior knowledge in, maybe because of absence of belief in self.

I strongly believe (I may be wrong) that the education we received has a default setting that makes it a lot harder to appreciate ourselves, anything that has to do with us, and also quite easy to condescendingly be dismissive about ourselves, and anything that has to do with us.

It is my considered opinion that we were educated in ways that ensure we dare not extend to our fellow Africans the benefits of doubts we so generous give others, especially when the objects of debate are non African, probably European or North American.

I think it was ingrained in us to wait for external validations of us before we will reluctantly acknowledge same. We easily proffer unsolicited excuses for the foibles of others, even when they do not give themselves such elbow rooms. But we come down so hard on ourselves without attempts at looking at issues from another perspective.

If there’s any example of unilateralism on an issue that requires global cooperation, it this on this battle to defeat the Covid-19. Don’t be carried away by the $8 billion raised by that global coalition. It has been each country to his own. Countries are doing whatever they can to tackle the menace.

Go and read up on the 100 different vaccine production efforts to date. It is mostly driven by nationalist interests. Same also as efforts at treatment and cure. This race is a race for global domination. It is a war. Don’t be deceived. That’s why many countries have invoked their war time laws and regulations. This is war.

Have you wondered why the US is focusing on a vaccine that will produce 300 million units only ( their population is 326 million). It is because they want to take care of Americans only. They’re not part of any global coalition on vaccine production. Go and read up on their ‘Operation Warp Speed’ project.

Also take time to look up the drug a Turkish firm Abdi Ibrahim produced, and has officially received the green light for usage in tackling the disease. And another one by a university is going through trials this week it is called TRC-19. Turkish President has said that Turkey is working on a Turkish solution for the Turkish people.

Isreal is also leading in this fight in ways that suggest this race is anything but medical. They are focusing mostly on developing immunity passports by identifying critical antigens which may enable them develop bio-security system they can market globally. Yesterday, a lab in Tell Aviv announced that SARS antibodies can block Covid-19. However, Pluristem Therapeutics’ PLX cells therapy is at final stages of approval. And their vaccine development is being tested on rodents already.

In Europe British, French, German and Swiss multinational pharmaceutical and diagnostic firms are working round the clock while at treatment levels, each country is applying what works for it. Even Sweden took it a notch higher with their own version of herds immunity.

Of the top 10 vaccine production process that is at advanced stages. Four are Chinese, and they’re almost at mass human trials stages. America bhas said if China gets there first, they won’t take Chinese made vaccines.Russia on one hand is working on a vaccine but also using its combo of treatments. Japan and South Korea are doing their own stuff while India is working on an Indian solution.

The focus by every country/region is on doing whatever can be done to stem the spread of this and also effectively treat those already down with it as long as such treatment doesn’t cause more harm.

How do we know if it won’t cause more harm? It is by clinical trials, same way other countries are applying theirs. That’s why we insist that every claim that looks promising be subjected to strictest forms of scientific procedures.

Yet they accuse us or projecting mediocrity. But we have indigenous drug manufacturers whose products still meet international standards.

I’ve come to accept that for some people, anything from Africa shouldn’t be given the chance of even a clinical trial. Their minds have already been wired to the belief that nothing good can ever come out of Africa.

If you take a survey of the number of people expending energy to discredit the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), you’d discover Africans are more. Yet they’ve hardly made efforts to know the decision process of the agency, and also the limits of the mandates of WHO.

It appears their “inferiority ingrained” minds are still finding it hard to see a black man in that seat. WHO voted yesterday for a thorough investigation into its handling of the Covid-19 issue. Wait for the outcome.

Moreso, they were deriding the man, that he is not even a medical doctor as if the bylaws of WHO stated that only medical doctors should be DG. The man is an immunologist and he studied up to doctorate levels. Give him a break.

Interestingly, majority of those who hold such views about anything Africa are highly educated. They’re also among those who easily dub others brainwashed. But have they taken time to also examine if they’ve not also been brainwashed with their brains permanently tuned to believe nothing good can ever come out of Africa?

I will also check myself. Maybe I’ve been brainwashed to always give Africa the same benefit of doubts I give others.

Maybe I am the one suffering from colo mentality.

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