16 Chinese arrested in Zamfara State for illegal mining of mineral resources

Not less than 16 dangerously and heavily armed Chinese illegal miners who steals mineral resources from Nigeria has been arrested by the authorities.

They were recently nabbed and paraded by Nigerian security agents in Zamfara State. First question that readily comes to mind is;

A facebook user shared his view on the development and called on the authorities to beam more light on the activities of Chinese nationals in Nigeria to curtail more acts of economic sabotage.

Read the full view of Samuel onyemani;

“Can any Nigerian try this in China and be given a chair by Xinjin ping to seat on?

If the situation is reversed, these racist animals that lack empathy will break every single bone in your body before the issue is ever taken to the police

Secondly, How many oil well belongs to the the Warri people?

Abeg who even give them chair take sidon. Since when did the Nigerian police start treating criminals with kid gloves.

You want my opinion on this?

Here it is. These Chinese are not operating illegally. A group of Chinese certainly can not come into a state, own a yard and employ the services of locals to carry out such expedition.

They must have gotten authority from some well placed individuals to carry out their nefarious and villainous activities.

Can anyone convince me that these Chinkos are not working hand in hand with the state governors, some senators and Reps from the state?

Dear Southern politically-correct anu mpama, they are minning and taking away your collective patrimony. And the proceeds?

The revenue will be used only in the north but 46inches pipelines are constantly transporting and making deliveries of your crude oil non stop and unhinged to Forcados Terminal plus other transportations through heavy vessels to savage your ‘One Nigeria’

At the end, your state governors receives “Papa Thank You” from the center, while your Federal government act like they are doing you a huge favour with thirteen percent.

You see all these charade, some toes may have been stepped upon. The only reason this got blown up in the first place could be that, there is disagreement in settlements.

The Chincos would be released as soon as some phone calls are made and money exchanges hands. Afterwards, it will be business as usual.

Nigeria is a hopeless country!

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