According to PMS reports, Pastors in Nigeria, let us not talk about African continent, have raised over 195 people from the dead. For Nigerian native doctors, the number is over 140 people raised from the dead. These numbers are not inclusive of other healings, ranging from HIV/AIDS and Cancer to Sickle cell and diabetic patients among several other ailments.

But since the outbreak of coronavirus across the world and Nigeria, I have been waiting for any pastor or native doctor to come forward and perform their miracles on coronavirus patients or raise the dead victims, or even volunteer to go and pray for hospitalized victims, even throw the window.

At this time, Nigerians expect our pastors and native doctors to stand up to Corona and show power pass power to the pandemic.Does it mean that all these healing claims by native doctors and pastors are false? I have said it several times that most Nigerian doctors are fake and are no different from the native doctors in their antics and fake miracles.

What our native doctors know how to do best is to claim bogus titles of doctors and even professors, while every pastor in Nigeria is now a Rev. Doctor or Rev. professor in addition to GO (General Overseer).

Funny enough, some of them, like the maverick comedian, Prophet Odumeje, some call him Odumejeje, are busy calling out native doctors to a spiritual challenge, even when Nigerian pastors and native doctors are birds of the same feather, a typical case of a kettle calling the pot black.

Come to think of it. Most Nigerian pastors are nothing but glorified native doctors and occult diviners now disguised as men of God. The comparison is striking.

Pastors have altars.
Native doctors have shrines.

Pastors perform home deliverance (Olu ezi n’uno)
Native doctors perform nkpocha na nzaja na ezi n’uno.

Pastors claim to see vision
Native doctors perform divination and fortune telling

Pastors do deliverance
Native doctors perform ‘ichu aju’

Pastors administer olive oils indiscriminately on their members
Native doctors administer various spiritual concoctions on their clients

Pastors speak in tongues
Native doctors perform incantations

Pastors perform harvest and thanksgiving
Native doctors perform ‘inye agwu nni”, and many more.
Pastors take titles like Rev. Doctor and Rev. Professor
Native doctors take titles like N. Dr. and Professor

Pastors organize crusades to advertise their powers
Native doctors organize trade fairs to do the same.

So, where is the difference? We can count very few Nigerian pastors who are true men of God. But that is a story for another day.

In the meantime, we now know that only God can save us from Coronavirus, not our pastors and men of God.

Please Let’s Stay Safe.

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