This I understand the very first time the idea of becoming the first MAYEGUN of YORUBALAND was muted to me.

Anything FIRST,must surely be a trouble shooting responsibility and one must either accept or shy away from it.

Should we say all of us must run away from playing roles that will bring about succour, peace and renewal of HOPE to the generality of our people.

While seeking advise from much older people around me before stepping forward for the honored.

An old friend of mine once reminded me of the enormous responsibilities and the back stabbing that comes with such an assignment especially in a society like ours. NIGERIA I HAIL THEE.

This sort of prepared me for all forms of back- stabbing and game playing will surface during preparation for the Installation and even when am fully seated.

I seek the guidance of Almighty God, also the blessings of my MOTHER and support of all people that matter in society.

Many Royal Palaces was visited to seek their approval and blessings, because it is an assignment and not just a cap to enables me see myself above my people.

My own father The Awujale of Ijebuland said to me while giving his blessings,when I took the letter from Baba Alaafin to him.

‘This is the first time in history a good thing will come from the Nation of YORUBA’S TO US THE IJEBU’S’, since our days of long standing relationship of many centuries in the past.

ORISA IJEBU warned me to be a good representative of The Ijebuland in that assignment, because it is indeed a very Big One for that matter.

IMPERIAL MAJESTY Oonirisa in his word to me, revealed the bond of love between him and Baba Alaafin.He thanked God for me as the chosen one for the great job and he offered alot of prayers for my success.

The Installation ceremony was well attended by people from all walks of life.

The good people of Oyo received us with open arms to the Ancient City on my day of honor, with prayers and full of admiration for the sacred institution.


I do know that while many are in jubilating, some ENEMY of progress are bitter that what they prevented from happening for almost 11 years,past has finally come to pass.

I also understand that ‘OSAN TO PON LARAYE MA NSOGI FUN’ but not to the point of lying against my person.

Accusing me of DESECRATION of the Royal house,is too wicked for anyone to wish for me.

People behind this surely know themselves and am sure by now they will be biting their fingers once again for a FAILED PLOT,in bringing God’s own, down.

I am from Royal House in Ijebuland and will dare not rubbish the HERITAGE of my FOREFATHERS.

Today,If I chose not to take you haters to court for redress, your group have already been condemned in the People’s court.I seek justice only from God Almighty.

Accepting my choice as MAYEGUN of YORUBALAND is not the only thing am asking everyone for, but to change our ways for good and not be enemies of the land.

I want to appreciate all the good people that stood up for me on this matter ever since the race started and up to this point.

May the guidance of the Almighty God, never be far away from you all.I can’t thank you all enough.


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