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‘Buhari’s Administration Will Remain A Shambolic Until He Sees To The End Of Boko Haram’ – SATGURU MAHARAJ JI

…Wants Pres. Buhari to be Firmer, says ‘You Can’t Kill a Python with Eggs’
…Says ‘Africanocracy will get Africa out of Security Challenges’
…Wants Government to support Youth to go to Agriculture, suggests ‘Income sharing ratio of 2:2:1’

For a progressive leader like Satguru Maharaj Ji, the situation of the country is always at the frontburner for him. While many like him but feign hatred and others display contempt for him, the controversial Satguru does not hesitate to bear his opinion.
In this special interview with the Managing Editor of Trek Africa Newspaper, OKI SAMSON, the cleric who declared that the name of the Creator is Maharaj Ji but always ‘takes position among humans as Satguru Maharaj Ji’ says ‘except the black man put the Bible and Quran aside, they cannot make it.’
Quite an explosive interview, please read!
Trek Africa: Recently, we saw the onslaught of the Chadian army led by the President Idriss Deby against the Boko Haram. What will be your advice to the Nigerian government at this critical period?
Sat Guru Maharaj Ji: Nigeria is more or less the father of the West African states. When you see 100 people in Nigeria, you will see 1 that will be from Ghana, Sierra leone, Niger, Chad, and others so there is no difference. Nigeria is noted for this role. I believe that information should not be hoarded, it should be shared. I believe that Buhari is aware and there are things going on to prune the activities of this group.
You will recall Obasanjo told South Africans we will not use guns but African insurance and they went there and kicked out the government thus bringing in Mandela, can’t we do the same now. Let’s look inwards, we are the forefathers of human race, no one can challenge it. If we go the African way, Africanocracy, we can win a war with food, intelligence and things that will not cause the loss of lives. We call the Alaafin, Olubadan, Oron of Calabar, Sardauna, how do we enter this bush without carrying guns? But I don’t think they are recognized and that’s why we still have issues.
We congratulate the President of Chad and I hope that all of us will support them. But my thought is that we can win the war without unnecessary loss of lives. I want to tell President Muhammadu Buhari that until he sees the end of Boko Haram, his administration will be seen as shambolic because he is also a military leader.

Satguru Maharaj Ji

Trek Africa: What’s your opinion on the security outfit, Amotekun?
Satguru Maharaj Ji: I am the Amotekun. And Amotekun is telling us that we must wake up. Amotekun is a security outfit but we also need to look into the food we are eating. All is fertilized, intelligence is getting low, humanity is getting low. We need to go back to our fresh fruits and foods. That is why I suggested that our youths can be asked to go to the farm and make it conducive for them. Those who still want to further their education, make it possible for them. The income realized from there will be shared at the ratio of 2:2:1 – 2 for the family, 2 for the government, and the remaining 1 will be used to prepare the youths for higher studies. So you will find that there will be no idleness again, politicians will not get thugs again because everyone is occupied. You won’t see people want to travel abroad compulsorily because the body is warm.
Trek Africa: Today, Nigeria does not have a national carrier and it is a crying shame, why?
Satguru Maharaj Ji: It is because we don’t have a leadership who will be firm. It’s been a long time coming. Buhari is applying levity, how can you kill python with eggs?
Trek Africa: Do you see an Igbo man become Nigeria’s President soon?
Satguru Maharaj Ji: Let’s forget regionalism, we are not going back to the old ways anymore; it is an aberration. What we should look for is a man who will serve our interests.
For now, let’s make Buhari see that he is the father of the nation and we expect so much from him. Why are we saying Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, it is because things have not worked. If the executive, legislature and judiciary work together and we allow people to express their opinions, the nation will be better.
So if the Igbo man can be close to Maharaj Ji rather than running after dead gods of the Europeans, he will get there not as Igbo President but as the People’s President.

Satguru Maharaj Ji speaking during the press chat.

Trek Africa: What’s your take on currency change?
Satguru Maharaj Ji: The factor that runs the economy today is market forces, that is, demand and supply. But we find that instead of people to invest in the economy, they would rather keep their money at home. So I am advocating the change of currency. They can also devise a machine that will show if there is a large amount of money in a house, so we can bring the money out. I also want the naira to be changed to ghai. You will recall that in primordial times, there is an empire in Africa called Songhai empire, meaning sun god.
Trek Africa: On 27th April, Satguru will be celebrating 33 years, how do you want to do this with the current rule of social distancing?
Satguru Maharaj Ji: Whatever is happening is to divert people from Maharaj Ji because they know that the black man is the leader so they will try every means to see that the black man is not recognized except for a few like Soyinka and Emeagwali. There is nothing we can do than to wait for the government’s directives. We are not in a hurry because the personality is here.
I believe that the river will not stop flowing to every part of the world. We want people to know there is a new Holy Land in Africa and it is Nigeria.
Trek Africa: What’s your advice to Africans?
Satguru Maharaj Ji: Except the black man put the Bible and Quran aside, they cannot make it. I say God can be seen, they say you have to die but if He is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, why must I die to see Him. What kind of holiness do we have that there is no rule of law. The One that has brought us here is the Only One that can save us. In the words of late Hubert Ogunde ‘they kick us up and down, it is time to think’.
The journalists have a big task to share the message. Diseases that were not here from the beginning and some say they are diseases of modern civilization, how modern are we? At a time there was ebola, HIV and now coronavirus to destabilize us. It is us Africans that are not taking into account what we have. The world is in a state of disequlibrium, it is time for us to come together so we can move the nation forward.

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