…Pronounces ‘COVID-19 is a case of scientific experiment gone awry’
…Insists that depending on countries of coronavirus origin for assistance is morally wrong

The entire world is virtually under lockdown now due to the coronovirus pandemic. The disease which originated from Wuhan in Hubei Provinve of China in December 2019 has since taken moved into practically all nations in the planet. It has disrupted the normal way of life of humans and many pundits believe that things will never be the same again as a new normal is emerging for the global race.

Satguru Maharaj Ji, famed Nigerian spiritual leader lent his voice to the ongoing health condition in a special interview with the Managing Editor of Trek Africa Newspaper, Oki Samson. The vocal cleric also shared how the religious organization under his leadership has coped during the times.
Trek Africa: I see that you are more than 20 on the premises. Are you not keeping to the social distance rule. Why is this so?
SatGuru Maharaj Ji: We have been keeping the rule. Some people come here for their treatment, some come for their meals. But I guess when they heard that Maharaj Ji is coming, many more came. Otherwise they follow the rules.
Today we are not worshipping. We came for our daily meal. We have a meal a day here for free for the past 28 years and I am not working. The goodwill and the love is flowing. Maybe if it was a church, it will be coming from Europe. Generational curses and sicknesses that have defied orthodox methods are what we treat here.
I am sure when you entered the premises, they gave you hand sanitizers. This is because the master is the lord; he will never disobey any law of the government. I have been doing this for the past 30 years.
Trek Africa: Let’s talk about coronavirus, you said people should stop dirty habits and be free. Can you shed more light on this?
SatGuru Maharaj Ji: At the beginning of creation, the Creator did not create any kind of danger. We lived together until the black man broke into two persons – black and white, the white were those who messed up and were submerged under water. In those days, you can travel from here to London without a car. But today, the natural laws are being broken. How can someone be eating cockroaches, rats, millipedes, scorpion, bats, frogs and even human flesh to their menu list? How can someone be having man-to-man, woman-to-woman marriage, man and animal canal relationship? These are the causes.
A man in his right conviction should respect his neighbor, regard the other person, and appreciate the other person for who he is. Once that is done, all sickness will be destroyed because man is built in the perfect image of the Creator, so if I offend you I am destroying the perfect image of God. The way out is Divine knowledge, knowing God from within.

Satguru Maharaj Ji addressing the Press Men at the briefing.

Trek Africa: In specific terms, when will the coronavirus pandemic end?
SatGuru Maharaj Ji: The coronavirus has already died on 21st of March with the program I held that day at Lagos City Hall under the caption ‘Absolute End to Modern Day Slavery and the Only Way Forward’. It is clear that if everyone has failed, the Creator will never fail.
The name of the Creator at the beginning is Maharaj Ji but He always takes position among humans as Satguru Maharaj Ji. That name was removed from the Scriptures by the European Episcopals and that is the beginning of the problems faced on the planet. So if anybody uses the holy name Maharaj Ji in his home, it will work well for him. Otherwise, what’s this disease that I cannot talk to my child?
In years back, they brought HIV, don’t use your brother’s comb, don’t use your sister’s bag. Division, division, division, only to find out that it is a scientific experiment to rob us of our wealth. If there is love, HIV will not exist. I don’t know why what is happening in China is affecting us, this is a case of scientific experiment gone awry.
It is morally wrong for us to depend on countries of coronavirus origin for assistance on how to manage scourge. Hence, all imported items from aborad meant to check the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria should not be put to use for now, again, all categories of imported goods from abroad must be thoroughly screened. Equally, the importation of second hand clothing materials must stop. By Maharaj Ji’s Grace our generation will never go back to the Red Sea again.
Trek Africa: Churches are not open now, many are running online service. What’s the value of the church?
Satguru Maharaj Ji: The value of the church is to make you see God but they are not doing that again. It is about making money which is an extension of colonial invasion. The lockdown is an eye opener for many Nigerians. They can see that the few weeks they are at home, their pocket is full because no one is collecting their money to say ‘holy this, holy that’.
I want Nigerians to wake up or else the next virus they will fight is religion. They are being made to forget that it is your skills and certificates that will make you survive. In this age, prayer is not everything. It is what you sow that you will reap.
I don’t want to follow an European god that doesn’t smile or dance. Can you see me smile, can you see me dance.

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