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I wish to thank the members of COSON across Nigeria for their widely expressed happiness and prayers for the COSON Board for initiating the Anti-Coronavirus Emergency Relief (ACER) General Distribution to assist members to weather the storm at this very difficult moment.
In the spirit of transparency and accountability which is behind the phenomenal success of COSON, I wish to update members of COSON as follows:
1. The sum of N50 Million which is being distributed by COSON to our members across Nigeria was not provided by government or any other agency at home or abroad. It is entirely funds earned by COSON on behalf of our members.
2. It is only COSON members whose names are on the register as at May 19, 2019 that are qualified for the distribution.
3. It is not every member who is qualified that will receive alert on the same day as the control measures instituted on the digital platform which has been set up for the distribution between our bank and our operatives permits a limit of =N=10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Naira) a day.
4. On Tuesday, April 7, 2020 the sum of =N=9,999,000.00 (Nine Million, Nine Hundred & Ninety-Nine Naira) was sent to 909 members of COSON. Money meant for 15 members was returned unpaid.
5. On Wednesday, another sun of =N=9,999,000.00 (Nine Million, Nine Hundred & Ninety-Nine Naira) was sent to another 909 members of COSON. Money meant for 25 members was retuned unpaid.
6. As of Wednesday, April 8, 2020, 1,778 members of COSON have been paid a total sum of =N=19,558,000.00 (Nineteen Million, Five Hundred &Fifty-Eight Naira)
7. Efforts are ongoing to ensure that more members of COSON receive their alert today. I call on all those who may not have received their money even after today, to be patient as I am working non-stop with the management team to ensure that the process does not stop until every qualified COSON member has been attended to. Every attempt will also be made to resend all the funds which were returned in case their return was as result of a computer glitch.
8. The only problem that can stop a member from receiving an alert is if his or her account details are faulty or if he or she has changed accounts without notifying COSON.
9. Please do not attempt to bribe any of our operatives or give any kind of gratification to any of them as such is forbidden in COSON and all services to our members including registration is completely free.
10. At the end of the exercise we will publicize a portal at which any qualified COSON member who has not received his money can lodge a complaint and his or her matter will be reviewed.
11. A further update will be provided as it becomes necessary.

Stay safe everyone and may the Almighty bless all members of COSON, our families and our nation.

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