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Why The Corona Pandemic Exposes Nigeria’s System Failure by Sola Odukoya

In time of crisis and emergencies, a poorly planned system, adminstration whether public or private may go into overdrive or collapse.

A lot of the misjudgements and inaccuracies during crisis period are not a new onset but has been inherent in the system, it only became manifestly obvious due to a strain on the fabrics of the system thereby producing tear.

Nigeria is obviously a clear case of years of dependency on fireman tactics and over reliance on monetary means to solving problems. technicalities, expertise and sound process managers and administrators are pushed to the rear or afford a chair only when the issue is academic and non profit.

Nigerians on the other hand has developed a high distrust of the government in a massively fast manner that within seconds of government publications, assertions of conspiracies and counter opinion begins to fly.

With this kind of occurences it is not surprising why many government agencies and administrators plus the private sector too quickly adopts the propagation of funds and donations of funds, borrowing, loans and disbursement from saving coffers to tackle the issues.

it is the years of degenerating health care system, non-chalantant to public facilities , corruption and a general system collapse. it is then not surprising that the few elites and political class can confidently begin patriotic donations and leave many to wonder where has these attitudes been all this while and why this same institution of health and social welfare was neglected.

Many Nigerians are highly suspicious and though were obvious to the previous antics of past adminstration of exploiting any slight mishap of scale or repute to divert and begin looting spree. The government’s resolve to care for the country populace during the lockdown is purely an example of over reliance on monetary solutions and within minutes of this approach, it met with a collosal impediment from the lack of expertise and system put in place to make the monetary solution have a meaningful impact. it met with failure and more distrust.

Money don’t solve all issues perhaps with these system the Nigerian government has adopted and in recent times it can become a lesson for our leaders to build institutions and systems that support sustainable growth, wider participation and use of technology to advance every policy.

Emphasizing manpower with relevant experience, knowledge and education has been obviously glaring and politicising issues has also dented the progress they envisage in the fight against the pandemic.

our next generation of leaders if not swayed by the trend and characters if this current crop would and should learn from building from scratch and upward and not approaching issues from the top in a cream and cake manner.

Sola Odukoya.

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