Imaobong Uboh : Weighing on the flip side of a street Girl nay Social media Politician

She comes along as a spy in the midst of like-minds, to scoop the information she needs, sometimes doing the odd acts street girls do behind the scene to make her way, were she fails in getting her way with some men ,she ”barks” for attention as a strategy. These are my impressions of the ranting hustling Imaobong Uboh who came on social media recently attempting to smear a brand like Senator Bassey Albert (OBA), Leader, Akwa Ibom Caucus in the National Assembly and Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources Upstream.
Unarguably, imaobong Uboh sure got it all wrong or twisted if you like on her diatribe on the people’s Distinguished Senator having followed her attention seeking facebook updates lately. As if l predicted ,after several attempts to smear the well loved brand, she told one of her  dates known to me in confidence that the entire aim of her meaningless updates was to meet one on one with Senator OBA to get  him to give her money and l laughed when l was informed of it. Laughing you will wonder, but that’s the way to approach it because l know blackmailing or creating negative stories on a well respected and loved brand like Senator OBA may just be an exercise in futility because it does not change the good narratives people have about the vibrant and enigmatic Leader.
For the records, this may just be the umpteenth time l will have course to put in proper perspectives in public space the comment credited to Senator Bassey Albert (OBA) with regards to saying he is a cultist for Christ. 
Let me unambiguously state that he said in summary at the event according to the now well publicised video ”if his closeness and helping the youths of Akwa ibom will make people call him a Cultist then he is a Cultist for Christ. The obvious here is that if the mind is discerning and not guided by hate, Jesus Christ was known for lifting the abandoned, the neglected, the jobless, the downtrodden up and Sen OBA as a Christian is ONLY following the footsteps of Christ in helping Akwa Ibom youths and women no matter where they come from. He has blessed many of them with brand new cars including yours truly which even after nearly two years still looks new given the freshness it came and superb maintenance thereof.
It will be proper to say the obvious that Sen OBA is certainly NOT a Cultist as Imaobong Uboh and her co – travelers have attempted to paint ever since the misconstrued video got to public domain.
Agreed , Senator OBA has impacted immensely on the youths of Akwa Ibom and is still doing so much more which amazes every discerning people around. 
In trying to understand Uboh ‘s sudden endeavour of backmailing a highly endowed personality in the mould of Senator Bassey Albert ( OBA), one could be encouraged by the fact politics breeds blackmail, mudslinging and the like perhaps as a culture which are Imaobong Uboh’s tools but certainly she crossed the red line in wrongfully accusing the Distinguished Senator who has been more concerned in giving a future to many Akwa Ibom youths through his all school expense Scholarship programme till graduation in public universities across Nigeria. For her, it was to give her attention to be given money by the people’s Senator but that is the much her feeble brain could tell her.
I have a vivid account of how this girl was so properly treated in Senator OBA’s Liaison office during our Boss second term campaign having been around and about, made to be part of the team even when she didn’t deserve to be. She lied severally that she owned an Non Governmental organisation (NGO) which she will use to mobilise support for Senator OBA but from our deep findings it was just one of those serious lies told by the self aclaimed social Activist cum social media Politician, one possibly told to be accepted in the dream team for her survival . 
I’m just hoping that her memory has not failed her that she collected good money sequel to her acceptance to Sen OBA’s team on daily basis during the 2019 Senatorial campaigns of our principal – Senator OBA having been part of the central working Committee.
One noticeable ”skill” she has is jumping from one man to another and always wearing seductive dresses depicting a poorly raised girl perhaps on a seductive mission left for the ‘street’ to mould in dressing and character. 
I can safely say as an axiom that Senator Bassey Albert (OBA) is one of the few politicians around this clime that has impacted on the youths of Akwa Ibom and has also brought so much accolades to the State in terms of stellar performances in the Nigerian Senate .It will interest her and her cohorts to know that nearly 400 Akwa ibom sons and daughters spread in various tertiary institutions in Nigeria are enjoying Senator Albert’s all school expense Scholarship programme till graduation no matter the course of study. Could these good number of Akwa Ibom people be the ”cultists” the Distinguished Senator is allegedly recruiting according to Imaobong Uboh ? Certainly NO, but laboriously Distinguished Senator OBA is giving them hope for tomorrow at a cost running into millions of naira annually.
I know of thousands that Senator Albert has assisted get employment in both public and private sectors of Nigeria’s economy but has refused to publicise his action. I also know of some on his sponsorship for post graduate studies abroad . I can tell you for free of several interventions by Distinguished Senator Albert in assisting several youths in skills acquisition and giving start up capital to assist their business after training many times partnering SMEDAN. Senator OBA characteristically loves people and shows it his giving not with too much talk but will certainly not be pushed to being himself through propaganda and blackmail like Imaobong Uboh has tried to do.

Just last month, the Federal Government of Nigeria with the approval of President Buhari  through the NNPC gave a meritorious award to Senator Bassey Albert (OBA) for his rare patriotism in settling more than a decade rift in the ESCRAVOS GAS TO LIQUID PROJECT when the 6th and 7th senate could not make any remarkable achievement on the issue, does she know how much Senator OBA turned down in the interest of the nation ? now with Senator Albert’s achievement it has opened new frontiers for greater revenue to Nigeria and boost investors confidence in the Oil and Gas sector..
Here is Senator OBA whose presentations at plenary of Nigerian Senate is simply impressive, luxuriates friendship, bridge building and he remains the pride of Akwa Ibom people anywhere. His Constituency projects are dotted in the nine LGAs that make up Akwa Ibom North East (Uyo) Senatorial District with quality empowerment initiatives over time to his credit.
We have refused to believe that she is doing what she is doing on the instructions of Senator Akpan Udoedeghe as she claims because the man is above that and Senator OBA respects the seasoned politician.
Distinguished Senator Bassey Albert OBA is Uniquely different if l have to resonate to her ears.
The question is , why can’t Imaobong Uboh tolerate Distinguished Senator Bassey Albert’s SHINE as being more of divine providence as we have all come to know of him over time. The man of the moment – Sen OBA likes saying, through it all , ”l have learnt to trust in Jesus” because sometimes the fights God has fought for him is beyond human comprehension. 
There is something Imaobong Uboh must know and that is the fact  that in politics hatred is not a strategy.
it is a testimony on the lips of millions of people that Senator OBA is just a good Man.
Anny Michaels is SA Media/Publicity to Senator Bassey Albert (OBA)

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