Abasiama Etukakpan,Uyo.

It is one thing for a government to perform and another for the achievements, philosophy,programmes and ideas of the government to be sold out to the people and for them to have a perfect understanding of what the government has done or will do.This reason has made some government to make a careful and thorough selection of who spreads the gospel of the government to the world and who interprets the programme of the government to the populace.If you don’t have a good information manager,you are bound to fail or adjudged not to perform to the expectation of the people.Of course,the media is only that instrument that projects any institution or government to the world.

The case of Akwa Ibom State is that the government of the day since inception in 2015 has performed effectively and the information manager in the State has done his best to ensure the agenda of the government is interpreted and sold to the people for their understanding.During the first term of Governor Emmanuel,names of Commissioner designates surfaced online and the name Charles UDOH was conspicuously present.With a sound and intimidating credentials,many had concluded that such a personality with a rich background should man the Ministry of Information to promote the good works of the days government.True to the expectation of many,he was brought in as the Information Commissioner in Akwa Ibom State and with a prerequisite experience in brand management and strategy.Mr Charles UDOH was seen by many as a gentleman that shall sale Akwa Ibom State and promote the state named after God to the world and to the desired height.

True to the believe of many,he has been able to constantly interpret the philosophy of the Government of Akwa Ibom State to the world.In the first term of the current administration,Mr Udoh was able to tell Akwa Ibom people why the government deserves a second term which the people unanimously supported the government to continue in office during the 2019 elections.He was always engaged in explaining how the government shall provide the people with the needed infrastructure,the industries and he was carefully engaged in the promotion of the agenda of the government to the world.After a rewarding first tenure,the capable hand of Mr Charles UDOH was again brought to bear in the second term of the Governor Udom Emmanuel administration.The completion agenda of the present government has been carefully interpreted to a layman’s understanding by the hardworking Information boss.Engage him today,he will be able to take you on a clear explanation of what the government has done and is planning to do in the area of industrialization and the he has vast knowledge of the Ibom deep sea port project which he has always promoted to the understanding of all on the effort of the government to bring development to the people.He is a fantastic image maker of the present government.
With a rich background from the private sector which he has brought to bear in the discharge of his duties,I must say that the Information Commissioner is a fine gentleman with the midas touch in the state information dissemination.He is a creative strategist whose job of strategizing on how to sale the brand of Akwa Ibom State to the world using the media as a tool has been excellently done by him.He is an intelligent fellow whose experience in brand promotion has been  brought to bear in his current office and shall continue to reflect in the agenda of the present administration.

He is a committed team player in Governor Udom Emmanuel’s team,a philanthropist and a committed strategist whose daily task has been how to promote the brand of Akwa Ibom to the world.He is poised to promote the achievements and success story of the present administration.

With a personality like Mr Charles UDOH in the saddle of the State Information dissemination,it can be said with all sense of patriotism that Governor Udom Emmanuel made a great choice in Mr Udoh.Akwa Ibom State shall continue to take her rightful place in the comity of states.Mr Charles UDOH shall continue to work tirelessly to promote a performing government for the world to see clearly on the succeses so far recorded by the present administration in the establishment of over 17 viable industries, provision of basic infrastructure with over 1700km of roads spread across the State, provision of basic social amenities, provision of a viable security for the protection of the people,human empowerment, economic revolution and the governments unrelented effort in the Ibom Deep Sea Port Project.

Mr Charles UDOH is a focused driven and sincere fellow.A trail blazer and a Master Strategist.

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