Emem Isong premieres new movie ‘Special Jollof’ for Valentine

All is now set for premiere of the movie, ‘Special Jollof’, produced by Akwa Ibom born movie producer,  Emem Isong Misodi

As part of build-up to the grand premiere of the movie which featured some of Nigeria’s finest in the movie industry in the likes of  Joseph Benjamin, Uche JomboBukky WrightChiwetalu Agu, and so many others, an exclusive media screening of the movie was held at the Genesis Cinemas in Lagos on the 10th of February, 2020.

The movie story centers on immigration and other challenges faced by immigrants, most especially Nigerians in foreign lands.

The film which is a Royal Arts Academy production was shot in both the United States of America and Nigeria. It tells a story of American journalist who went undercover at a Nigerian restaurant in the United States to prove Nigerian Immigrants come into the country illegally to hurt Americans and break their laws.

According to the Director/producer, Emem Isong, the movie cuts across all tribes and races and.

“Special Jollof is just a love story set in the background of immigration, the problems immigrants go through and this preconceived notion that every Immigrant is involved in illegal activities. This movie is actually different from what I normally do and because it is a well talked about issue worldwide at the moment, causing concern for world leaders.

Special Jollof will be showing across all the cinemas in the nation from February 14, 2020.

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