Actress J . T. Rogers eulogises her Elder Brother Jimmy Thomas Maigamu on his birthday

The cliché “Life is not a bed of roses” has never been more accurate, but through the thorns and thistles, you made selfless sacrifices that helped to cushion the thorns. In other words, you made and are continuing to make life a worthwhile experience for us. You are an exemplary person, and I look up to you, always. I pray that God gives me the grace to garner a host of accomplishments that will make you proud to reward all your efforts towards singlehandedly raising us. 
At some point, I felt you were too harsh and callous, but today I understand that you wanted to bring out the best in us and to an extent, I can say that your efforts were not wasteful, instead they were a slamming success. 
I deeply appreciate you and pray that God grants all that your heart desires. Amen. Happy birthday

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