The Agbado oke odo Local council development area head by Executive Chairman Hon.Arogundade has splited the Ojugbele street from Sanni Ogungbayi Community Development Association which had been encountering crisis among the community people because of its non transparency management services that Sanni ogungbayi rendered for 12 years.

The Executive Chairman for Agbado Oke odo Local council development area,Hon.Arogundade represented by the Head of Agric Rural Association for Agbado Oke odo,Mrs Mojisola Akinola revealed this on weekend during the Sanni ogungbayi election plan held at the command area of the street,that finally the government has been able to resolve the problems that had caused a bone of contention among the community members in non transparency service of the outgoing chairman of the Sanni Ogungbayi community development association by dividing the CDA of the area into two as long as the community has enough CDAs and the resolution given had been appreciated by the community.
Mrs mojisola Akinola stated that according to the Lagos state Constitution of the community development association that 6 streets could form a CDA of their own and now Ojugbele street could stand to have CDA formally approved and led rightfully by the new chairman just as formerly Sanni ogungbayi consisted of 14 streets chaired by so called in transparent personality.
Mojisola Akinola however advised the Ojugbele CDA to write a Letter of Registration and Recognition to the office of the Executive chairman of Agbado Odo LCDA,Hon.Arogundade now to enable the letter to be treated by the office in one week to let peace reign in the community.

The member of the Ojugbele community,Dr,Henry mensah Ekpeyong expressed joy at the meeting to demarcating Ojugbele from the Sanni Ogungbayi CDA saying it had been a thug of war since 12 years the chairman of Ogungbayi CDA had been overseeing the affairs

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