DON’T DARE EXPECT SOLIDARITY IF… ATTENTION! Igbo Politicians, Especially, Igbo Governors!

Power truly intoxicates, especially when it falls into the wrong hands. And what we have in Igbo land as politicians are garbage in, garbage out merchants & Shylocks masking as politicians. It does not stop, it does not relent. Because those that are imposed on the people are products of same o same o. Yes, imposed, because over 97% of those in elected offices in Igbo land/from Igbo land were not the true choice of the people, they either imposed themselves in high positions because they have stolen enough money in politics and therefore had the connection and wherewithal to pull it off, or they were imposed on the people by the likes of the former.

It is important to note that in this article I am speaking strictly about the Igbo/Igbo land, because our case is always very different and I also need to pass this message to those concerned. I can speak authoritatively on Igbo, as I have paid my dues, and have earned the bonafides to do so through (to paraphrase my hero, Floyd Mayweather Jr), hard work and dedication; being that I started Igboism on new media via Ndi Igbo page, in 2009. This was the platform that started it all. This is where every Igbo lived online then before the other platforms you see today were created. And today I direct Igboist (BY Maria Ude Nwachi), created in 2012, it remains the largest gathering of Igbo only platform online in the world; the most active in its clime; and strictly managed by top hands. You must have at least one valid Igbo name to be a member. I know the pulse and heartbeat of my people. I know how they will respond to someone or an issue before they even do. I know every in and out of the Igbo in my capacity as pioneer the of Igbotic Igboism online and on this post, I am going to tell you in black and white what turns them off towards an Igbo politician.

Most Igbo politicians are wicked, heartless and callous. Though some take this trait to higher level than the norm; especially, Igbo governors with despotic tendencies. Part of the reason is that they know they were not even elected by the people, that they got their position through hook and crook and feel they owe no allegiance to the people. I am one of the few people that have ever been elected by the people in Igbo land. Yes, I won my election in 2015 under PPA, an unknown party in my state. My own people wanted me and luckily for them they were able to put me there. I say luckily because it is not by wanting, those with mega money thet have been looting for years who have enough to buy security and everything that follows can easily twat the plans of the people. It was a stroke of their luck that in that year, there were 2 strong parties in my state, so it made it easier for me running basically like an independent candidate to sail through. When you are truly elected by the people, you cannot eat until they eat. There is hardly anything you cannot do for them. And in an extreme case like mine, you will completely ignore yourself and your needs to make them joyous. It is only once in a rare while that a person that was enthusiastically elected by the people, got into a position of excess power/money (guber) and became lost in himself, drunk in primitive acquisition of wealth, & reckless personal aggrandizement and failed them woefully.

Let me hit the nail on the head. Dear Igbo politician, especially the governors, when you are wicked, mean, deadly towards your people, and instill mind-boggling fear in them, do not expect a pity party or solidarity when those you were kissing up to, sending billions of gifts and cash to for your protection turn on you and drop a hammer on you; even if their reason might be that they need our region (South East) out of the way for their own agenda. We are going to rejoice, yes we are going to say, good riddance to bad rubbish, we are going to heave a sign of relief, the politics behind your travail will mean nothing to us. Whatever their agenda is will not concern us, we will just be happy they have saved us from you. The state you headed and was stealing blind and terrorizing those you were suppose to be a father to will be as happy as a lark. You will cry and no one will hear you. Then you will send goons to write that Igbo do not protect their own, Igbo do not love their own, RUBBISH, no one will care. You will say, they do not want Igbos to smell presidency that is why they are after me, pshhhhhhhh, no one will give a damn, in fact we will be happy that you will not get the chance to near a higher seat as the people you subjected to your despotic rule has yet to recover from you. That’s the tea, bruhh.

Before I was elected to the house of assembly in 2015, I was practicing my image making/photography profession and was working for some sitting governors and ex governors of Igbo extraction and other. I had an idea of how Nigerian politics work but nothing beats experience, nothing beats being part of the process, nothing. You will then truly know how things operate.

Igbo governors: The power of governors in Nigeria now is at its peak. It was not this bad when Chairmen had real autonomy. Now that everyone in a state can be controlled by the governor, it has gotten to a pitiful level. No human should have such powers, because if such power gets into a wrong hand, it will be dangerous & devastating, and devastation & danger is what will CERTAINLY face any state with a reckless power-drunk type with zero compassion in his being.

Igboland is worse hit by this because in other regions a person not matter how highly placed politically has a limit on how he can misuse his power. But due to the individualist nature of the Igbo, there is no limit to what a wicked soul in power can do to his people, especially if he is ruling a state that does not have money bags that can match the state funds he has basically coveted to his personal use. In most regions, there is a system in place to checkmate such, there are people you answer to, your stolen loot and excess power cannot buy you their submission; you will be compelled to behave or be schooled. in Igbo land, the governors will disorganize the traditional stools to suit their own needs, dislodge some and impose their own, and if he is the overly wicked type, he will even turn the traditional rulers to mutes that jump when told to jump. And in a state that lack capacity, tell me who will stop that governor? No one.

Let us get something straight, there are very very few men in Igbo land that will taste the power of governor that will not get drunk in power, their power is enormous, and that is the last thing a developing black nation needs, but it is what it is. But they should know that power is poison coated with honey. You’ll start licking & licking until you get to the poison, & you won’t know the difference.

Look at me, I am a victim of the type that lacks compassion of any type. The type that wants to control everything about everyone in the state using any tactic in his massive arsenal. My governor, Chief David Nweze Umahi, did not pay me my entitlements, and denied me of my constituency allowances for years, totaling over 80 million naira, then crossed the threshold of tolerable depravity when he also denied me of my severance pay. He is enjoying the holidays with his family, happy, smiling and sending holiday gifts worth 100s of millions of Naira to personalities across Nigeria, buying the world for his own kids, but he wants me to suffer, to beg for food and not to be able to afford a cup of rice for my own son and my dependents. When I finally spoke out, he simply sicced his commissioner of Information and his media goons to to defame, ridicule, slander and humiliate me online and otherwise. Rather than respond to the issues I raised, they went their signature blackmail angle; his commish, Chief Uchenna Orji, said I have a bad past, among other utter non-sequitur. And my response to them was; let our security reports do the talking, let it be made open, so we will know who really has the bad past. As long as I am breathing, this is just a break in transmission, I will surely survive the trauma he has put me through. Enough about me, click on this link and read: My pathetic ordeal in the hands of my governor: https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2549650622024517&set=a.1412694272386830&type=3

Continuing, there are certain behaviors that can never be accepted by the Igbo from these high powered politicians of Igbo extraction.

Nepotism: This is the specialty of many Igbo politicians. They love their siblings and children, everyone else can go to hell in stay there. Imagine a situation where a governor would give all the juicy positions to own his blood brothers; inlaws, or children, with boldness, without shame. In some cases, appointed or not, the brothers and other relatives are in charge of various arms of government, contracts and even jobs in the state ministries. And when they do this, they are deluded to think because no one is talking it means it is okay. What is the point of talking when your talk won’t change a thing, other than likely get you in trouble with the demi-god? Again everything get levels, some governors go overboard with nepotism. Just over the top. But they will surely pay for it in the end.

Money: Oh man, they use the state money as a tool of oppression not a tool of upliftment and propriety. They decide who eats and who starves. They toy with the lives of people daily, the people that they are suppose to protect. The main tool of the worse of the worst of these governors is MONEY. The extremely wicked of them will completely run the state alone. Everyone from state assembly members to commissioners to civil servants will be firmly under their tight grip. Every contract in the state will basically be done by them and members of their immediate family. If you try to leave their government, you will be inflicted with a deep exit wound instantly, garnished with some blackmail; that will take you a while to recover, if at all you do.

Tact: Some Igbo governors are just so damn timid. They ironically think they are wise, but they are just plain timid.You must be mindful of the manner you praise those you certainly know has marginalized the Igbo overtly. You must be careful in the manner you speak of your own people, just to please those in power at the center. Be cognizance of the feelings of your people, the Igbo. Understand we have genuine and valid grievances and take that into consideration when you are making public utterances packaged to please another ethnic group you feel will aide your political sojourn. You must not push your own people under the bus, to get ahead, it will actually backfire in the end. These people you are kissing up to are not stupid, they know you inside out, they deal with you from the purview of your SECURITY REPORT. They know if you are wicked to your people, if you oppress your people, if you are a modern Idi Amin to your people, they know all these. The more your people hate you for oppressing them, the easier for them to show you pepper, as they know your people will be too busy rejoicing to give a damn WHY. When they are not ready to clamp down on you, it will be all smiles and quid pro quo, but when they are ready, you will not be spared, and your looted money will be rejected because they know what you did last summer.

History: Once the despotic Igbo man is in power he forgets history. They no dey look back. You that is trying to kiss the ass of those in the center, you be JJC, you no do am pass those before you, when they started to do, you still dey, you were likely just coming of age, and how did it end for them? Chew on this. A word is enough for the wise.

Don’t: Every ethnic group in Nigeria has their own OPC, their own pressure group, call it whatever you want, but you get the point. Igbo has our own. They might not do things the way the majority wants it done, but they are doing something, you might find them them to be nuisances, but they have their nuisance value, and it is very high. I personally do not like every style they adopt, but they are our own. They are ours, and they are valuable. They can’t get everything right at all times. Without them we won’t have our own pressure group. Do not use the enormous power you have as governors to push them under the bus to please those you feel hold the key to your political future.

Greed: Stealing here and there is to be expected from these men, but the manner some of them steal and loot the state you would think they are not going to die, or that they are preparing the ground for their 20 generations to come. Some will build 200 personal houses while a governor. Maka gini kwanu? Tell me what for, please. This is embarrassing. Honestly, it is. This is taking self-interest to a really gross level. This becomes blind & feral self-interest; that will surely devastate a state and the people therein. Imagine a state without a single industry and the person in charge is busy acquiring vanity upon vanity for himself. And then some sycophants will say, the governor was rich before he became a governor. Really? Oh dear! Biko si ebea puo, make I see road. Ode. Anyway, agbachaa oso aguo miles, because everything they are doing is being noted by their powerless subjects and that center they go to ass kiss.

Over sense: They are looting and tiding and covering their tracks properly. That is what they think. Let me tell Igbo politicians especially the governors this. Even a 10 year old can trace any money that is wired to any account. No be rocket science, dude. Once that money enters the account, if you like hire 200 people whose job is to loot and die it for you, any serious law enforcement agency will know what, how and where. Forensics. Hello. Continue, Mr. Smartman!

This bears repeating: No matter how imperfect our democracy is, continue to say THANK GOD FOR DEMOCRACY, as governors with despotic tendencies will remain governors for even 50 years if not for term limit. Why not? They are powerful, nepotism is their trademark, they control every money in the state; they decide who eats and who starves, they have decimated opposition and journalism in their states, and have cowered basically everyone to submission. No matter what, every Governor will leave that seat one day. Even if he succeeds in installing his own blood son, it is still not him. Therefore, thank Goodness for democracy.

In conclusion: Do not expect the Igbo nation to be there for you in any capacity if you ruled your state with iron fist, with wickedness, lack of compassion, totalitarianism and despotism. It won’t happen, it just won’t, as you can’t beat a child and tell him not to cry.

Yours truly, Maria Ude Nwachi.

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