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SERAP set to launch Social Norms and Anti-Corruption Survey Report

SERAP is a non-profit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to promoting transparency, accountability and respect for socio-economic rights in Nigeria. SERAP received the Wole Soyinka Anti-Corruption Defender Award in 2014. It has also been nominated for the UN Civil Society Award and Ford Foundation’s Jubilee Transparency Award. SERAP serves as one of two Sub-Saharan African civil society representatives on the Governing Committee of the UNCAC Coalition, a global anti-corruption network of over 380 civil society organizations (CSOs) in over 100 countries.

The report reveals important statistics about the complexity of social norm-driven behaviour and corruption in Nigeria. The report is the outcome of a national survey and research, which started in August 2019. It is a detailed analysis of data from questionnaires administered to respondents across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria regarding what drives corrupt behaviour, and the types of beliefs that support practices understood to be corrupt practice in Nigeria.

The report makes several recommendations to governments and authorities at all levels, including the Federal Government, State Governments, National Assembly, State Houses of Assembly; Judiciary, Police, anti-corruption agencies, Nigerian citizens, the international community and other key stakeholders on how to address the problem of corruption in Nigeria from the perspective of social norms.

The ultimate aim is to use the report’s findings and recommendations to promote transparency and accountability in Nigeria, push for critical reforms in the areas identified, and to encourage citizens’ active participation in the fight against corruption, as well as empower them with the information and tools for behavioural change whilst holding their leaders to account.

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