Actors Guild of Nigeria Holds General Election

The General Election of the Actors Guild of Nigeria is currently holding in Uyo Akwa Ibom

The contestants are

Emeka Rollas… President (Unopposed)

National Secretary

A.Don Pedro Agabi
B.Abubakar Sanusi

Public Relations Officer

A.Van Dalas
B.Monalisa Chinda Coker

Financial Secretary

Emeka Duru (Unopposed)


Mr Macvine

Director Of Guild Services

Mr A B Cowboy

V P ( Comes from the six geo political zones )

Also in attendance are several top Nollywood actors and producers

Mr Ifeanyi Dike (Chairman BOT)

Mr Emman Ogugua ( BOT VP)

Sunny Mcdon (BOT Member)

Hon Murphy Stevens ( BOT Member )

Segun Arinze Ex President

Hon Desmond Elliot

Mr Latin

Mr Ralph Nwadike etc.

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