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The joint meeting between the CCV leaders and Military Pension Board (MPB) over the lingering non-payment welfare of veterans’ community which was held at conference hall of the MPB chairman. The agenda were spotted out as follows. 

1. The fourteen months arrears 

2.  Late payment of monthly pension.

3. Controversial 20.37% pension deducted. 

     4.  Controversial of one month 33%

The spokesperson, Amb. Roy Oamien Okhidievbie revealed that from last two months agenda the outrageous 20.37% deduction, through the circular policy letter by the national salary income and wages commission with the title reviewed of  pension rates in the federal public service.  A copy was handed to the entire leaders present at the meeting by the MPB chairman for proper follow up and authentication. Amb. Roy said.  “Thus, the presidency has approved the increase in the pension of the retired servants under the old non-contributory federal pension scheme as a result of the salary increase of 53.37% by the federal public service 2009/2010. He said”. On these review, the MPB further explained why government arrived at 33% for the pensioners, that the 55.37% reviewed was the salary not pension. While certain allowances like meal subsidy, transportation, uniform, hazard and furniture allowances respectively are expunged from the total sum of the 53% which brought the payment down to 33%.

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 On  the controversial balance of  one month 33%, the board also spotted that , the payment history and record is available to the MBP, all arrears related to the 33% was fully paid , he said. The board further explained to CCV representative that, if government decided to pay fourteen months arrears twice in two months, should we still complain that twelve months more still expected to be paid when what was supposed to be paid in  fourteen months are paid in two months? Obviously no. however, for the avoidance of doubt all vets should go back to their pre 2009/2010 pension and compare the same to their pension, post 2009/2010 take the statistics of the difference multiply by the cumulative number of the months and report any short payment to the board for refund, he advised. Speaking on the late payment, he explain that from the available statistics pension has never exceeded the week of payment, it may be due to holiday and weekend that could change the date as a case may be. Meanwhile, the board is working in compliance with directive by the HMOD to stick to early payment of monthly pension. He also emphasized that from the fourteen months arrears the MPB has charged influential vets among them to also compliment the ongoing efforts by the board to facilitate decision making in government for early release of funds to pay the pension arrears of fourteen months that is been expected, why date of payment remain confidential. Nevertheless, we appreciate the effort of MPB chairman so far and we must bestow that trust on him based on the present reality, he said. 

The spokesperson also recall that prior to the review of the harmonization and subsequent implementation of pension in January, 2019. The MPB chairman called the entire veterans association to a meeting where his team practically explained the computation of the harmonized pension and charged veterans leaders to educate their members in a way that all stakeholders will be on the same page. As well the documents were showing to the CCV leaders detailing the implementation of pension review of 2009/2010 arrived at, this documents opens have saved us the perceptions that has hitherto been expressed by veterans across the country he sa

Subsequently, except for those that have the challenge of counter document(s), in line with this development the members across the country and in diaspora encouraged the on-going efforts by the MPB chairman to see the early release of funds to settled the outstanding fourteen months arrears between now to December31st, 2019.

Amb. Roy reveals that the paper write up for Federation of Nigeria Veterans Association (FNVA) is in process so that the benefits and entitlement will go round the country also in diaspora and this will be handled by the appropriate department of veterans officers in the country he said. 

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