Kourtney Kardashian Finally Discovers The Thief In Her House

Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” documented the moment Kourtney Kardashian found out unnamed woman she had hired to be part of her team had allegedly stolen her iPad, $700 out of her wallet and $4,500 out of Scott Disick’s wallet. She also learned the woman had apparently hacked into all her devices, including her cellphone.

Kourtney was chatting with Khloe when her assistant, Megan, informed her that she “discovered that there was cash missing from your wallet. So I don’t know if you spent it out the other night…”

Kourtney said she specifically remembered having “hundreds” in her wallet, handing $20 to the valet and throwing the rest of the cash back into her bag. But Megan said there were “no hundreds” anywhere in sight.

Khloe asked if there was a chance her sister could’ve dropped or lost the money, but Kourtney was adamant that wasn’t what happened.

“The fact that money’s missing from my wallet definitely doesn’t feel like a coincidence,” she later told the camera. “We had an iPad missing in the house, too. You know, I have people in and out of my house all day, people that I trust. Something just isn’t right.”

Later, Kourtney got a text that made her gasp. Looking up at Khloe and Megan, she said, “This lady stole $700. Then she stole $4,500 out of Scott’s. Then my security, who was here today, just said he’s seen her two times with her [phone’s] flashlight on in the office. And then he took his flashlight and flashed through the window.”

Megan asked about cameras, but Kourt said she didn’t have any set up where the woman was.

“It’s insane. She’s never coming here again,” she said in her typically monotone voice, as a wide-eyed Khloe leaned in and shouted, “No shit, Sherlock!”

“But should we go talk to her?” Kourtney asked, revealing that the woman was “downstairs.” Khloe and Megan could not believe the woman was in Kourtney’s home. “Stop talking about it!” Khloe urged, after noting Kourt shouldn’t be okay with her being around her three kids. “Let’s go f–k her up!”

Getting another text, Kourtney told the girls the woman “also hacked everything” and that she was reading Kourtney’s texts at that very moment. The information seemed to paralyze Kourt and anger an already furious Khloe. “Stand your ground. This is your home with your kids! Let’s go downstairs, Kourtney! Go talk to your security!” she shouted at her sister. “Why are you texting if someone’s telling you that?!”

Kourtney made her way downstairs, as Khloe followed closely behind. “Wait, I can’t wait to hear this!” she said excitedly. “This is so good. This is better than ‘Real Housewives.'”

As Kourtney started running toward the front door, Khloe said she couldn’t wait to “f–k her the f–k up!” But cameras showed a car peeling out of the driveway.

“Why did we just let her go?!” someone from Kourtney’s camp was heard shouting, as Kourtney walked away to call Kris Jenner in hysterics. Khloe was more upset with her sister for not handling the situation better than she was about the theft.

“I’m not surprised someone stole from her; I’m surprised that she’s being so passive,” she told the camera. “She’s not really understanding the severity of it, in my opinion.”

Approaching Kourtney, Khloe said sternly, “What did I tell you about people not f–king with us anymore?! Now, how many people have stolen? We’re done!”

Kourtney then asked her assistant to “change the iTunes password right now,” “debug the house” and “take every device and un-connect it” from her phone.

“Next time, we have learned a huge lesson. They cannot step foot in here for an interview without us having their social [security number], name and address,” Kourtney demanded. It’s as if the “severity” of the situation, as Khloe put it, was beginning to sink in. By the time Scott arrived, Kourtney was furious. “The fact that she was alone with our kids…” she said angrily.

“This chick was nuts, man,” Scott replied. “But yeah, at the end of the day, at least she wasn’t doing anything around the kids. So, whatever.”

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