President of ASPMDA calls FG to reopen borders

President of ASPMDA, Chief Dr Daniel Offorkansi has hailed the leadership of the Trade Fair Management Board headed by Chief Mrs Lucy Ajayi Omosefe for her effort in the ongoing road repairs at the Complex.

“I will not forget to mention the Executive Director of the Management Board, Chief Mrs Lucy Ajayi Omosefe and the entire Trade Fair management Board, they are currently working on making sure that the complex is transformed to the next level.

“Right now as I am talking to you they are interlocking the whole ring road to deepen the ease of doing business and reduce the traffic and other challenges traders and customers pass through everyday.

According to him, they were passing through hell driving within the complex before the Mrs Ajayi led management came on board.

Dr Offorkansi who also doubled as Chairman of Stakeholders Forum of the Complex also called on the Federal Government to consider the plights of majority of trading groups doing genuine business across the border and reopen the closed Border post and other border posts across the country, noting that the closure of the borders has affected the economy of the country so negatively.

Speaking in a recent exclusive interview with Bottomline Tv, he revealed that since the closure of the borders, several trucks loaded with goods purchased and way-billed from several trading groups in the complex are either stranded at the border post or stucked within the Trade Fair Complex, waiting endlessly for the reopening of the border.

According to him, the closed borders has affected businesses and also the economy of the country as people’s money are hanging in other countries with no hope of getting the goods they paid for since about two months now.

“We know that the Federal Government closed the borders because of rice smugglers but all of us are not rice smugglers,

infact Trade Fair Complex don’t deal on rice or turkey or any of such commodities. This is an International trade center where not only Nigerians come to do business but people of other countries. Most of our customers are people from the west coast who depends solely on goods from Nigeria and we should not by our own making give them the alternative of looking into other countries for the goods they can get from Nigeria.

They appealed to the federal Government to work out a solution whereby trucks carrying genuine goods to west African countries can easily cross the border to deliver people’s goods bought with millions of naira.

“If you go through the complex you will notice serious drop in business activities because majority of our customers who come from Ghana, Togo, Benin, Niger and Abidjan are stranded at the border or within the complex because of the closure of the borders.

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