Eko Atlantic City vs Enyimba Economic City.

Eko Atlantic is one of the world’s cutting-edge new cities, and already at an advanced stage of development. It’s a visionary project on a huge scale, achieved by a team of major local and international partners. It is the model of future southwest urban cities. It is fast becoming a reality.

On the other hand, Enyimba Economic City is to create a global business hub that connects the nine (9) Southeast and Southsouth States, build first class infrastructure in the location, including dedicated power and attract economic activities that are mainly driven by manufacturing and supported by other uses e.g. Logistics, Medical, Entertainment, Education, Lifestyle Residential etc. It is the future model of urban smart cities in the old eastern Nigeria.

Eko Atlantic success is attributed to massive engagement with the stakeholders. From the partners, the investors, the local community and those in the academia that fine-tuned the process including writing and publishing journal articles in Smart City Journals on the benefits of Eko Atlantic in the future infrastructural architecture in Nigeria. No sector was neglected. Even handlers of Eko whenever invited to a conference to present papers on the project in Unilag, they honoured the invite. I knew about Eko Atlantic for the first-time in a conference in Unilag.

Same can’t be said about the handlers of Enyimba economic city. Outside the fact that work is yet to commence in 1st quarter of 2019 as pledged on their website, no massive engagement with stakeholders, a template Eko Atlantic city used to achieve
enormous success.

In case we don’t know, Enyimba Smart City idea began after the emergence of Ikpeazu as candidate in 2015. As a vissionary, he bought into the idea of a new city because of the massive importance of urban renewal. I was impressed because we need to start changing the look of our cities if we must remain relevant among our peers.

However, it seems the Enyimba economic City Host government just keyed into this smart city project without being passionate about its success. With all due respect to those involved, much has not been done in realizing the dream in the first four years of his administration. After Dr Ikpeazu’s victory in 2019 and subsequent victory at the court, there is the need, very urgent need to push the project to the front burner of those that matter, and exit the current poor engagement of stakeholders, weak information disposal and even reluctance to engage the academia in a conference.

I feel passionate about this project and strongly assert, if one is passionate about a project and an opportunity to amplify it’s awareness, grab with both hands and utilise properly. Broadcasting Enyimba Economic city in Lagos and Abuja whereas the community, the neighbouring states residents, the academia are not aware of this huge project would limit the success, limit the knowledge and delay the actualisation of this project, which may become an abandoned project upon the expiration of his 2nd term in 2023.

Enyimba Economic City even though is located in Abia state, connects most South-South and South east states, hence, it is not a project I want all to see as that of Abia state government because of the importance in the whole of old eastern Nigeria. It is a project if realised, would be the greatest development milestone in the history of eastern Nigeria since the administration of the late Michael Okpara. This project is audacious and hence should be talked about not only on social media, print media but in serious events like academic conferences.

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