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Danny S fetish life style exposed

Ojo Daniel Olaborode aka Danny S is in the news for the wrong reason. According the report made available to Bottomline, the Ege exponent was alleged to have disappointed his numerous fans with his attitude at an event which took place at Ten Stone Lounge, Itele Ogun State where he performed recently.

It was alleged that Danny S was ushered to the V I P where highly respected invited guests was to be entertained, but he rejected the seat the seat that was kept for him and ordered his manager to request for another chair with notion that the seat might have been laced with charm.

Sources at the event further revealed that even after another seat was made available the Iju-Ishaga based act still order his manager to carefully inspect the chair to be sure that nothing diabolic was laced on it. He eventually sat on the arm of the chair after so much drama. He was said to have whispered to his manager that he was very scared of people of Itele.  

One of the Police officer who came from Itele Police station to secure the event heard this, he felt disappointed that if the young singer is not diabolic, why would he know probably someone had kept charm under the chair?

Danny S was alleged to have been unease While he was performing, he couldn’t free with his fans who had bought ticket to watch him.

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