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Wofai Samuel Bags The 2019 “Africa Heroes’ Achievers Awards”

  • As International Media Personality Of The Year

Africa Heroes’ Magazine, the Organisers of Africa Heroes Achievers’ Awards, Presented Wofai Samuel an Award, as  International Media Personality Of The Year. 

Wofai Samuel, is notable for chairing bilateral meetings, dialogues and conversations focused on the Development of Africa, in Africa and Internationally. 

In her remark, she dedicated the Award to One African – OAN Network Int’l. 

When asked about the recent Xenophobic Attack on Nigerians In South Africa, Wofai stated that:
“The attack on Nigerians and other black nationals’ in South Africa, is a clear pointer to the accumulation of a failed leadership system in these regions, Nigeria inclusive. 
 The leadership of Nigeria and South Africa have a pivotal role to play on the continent especially on primary issues of Economic Integration.

South Africa as well as it’s Nigeria Counterpart are major economic players in Africa and Xenophobia has marred to a large extent this economic relationship.
Statistics have shown that about 21,000 Nigerians inhabited South Africa in 2011 with an increase to about 30,000 in 2016, I am not sure of the 2019 figures, she added. 
These  numbers are way below black nationals from their southern African counterparts, Eastern Africa or even Central Africa.

The narrative of Nigerians seeking to be treated with premium as a result of their contribution to the struggle for majority rule in South Africa is unrealistic as there are no similar expectations from the other countries that supported South Africa’s liberation struggle. 

While the response from the Nigerian Government and people is commendable, it is imperative to review the stimulants of xenophobic attacks. 
The primary causes and begin to seek long – term solutions. 

On January 14th 2018 , i put out an Article I tagged: “Nigerian Immigrants and the Trump Factor”, copied below. 
“Is “POTUS”, President Donald Trump totally Wrong about Nigerian Immigrants not wanting to return to Nigeria once they get to the United States Of America?
This comment could be seen as somewhat demeaning especially coming from President Trump, by virtue of the fact that he is not exactly liked by a significant number of Nigerians living abroad (Going with the opinion of some pundits), but isn’t he talking reality?

On the other hand, Chances are likely that, He is misinformed about Nigerians living in huts, action ready , seeking for aides from a white man, which could be as a result of images of Nigeria, showcased by western media , (often times ignoring metropolitan and urban Nigeria/it’s people, especially when the focus is on Boko – Haram & Fulani herdsmen.
By default, it is this kind of showcase, (mud houses, huts, primitive looking landscape) that the average Westerner or American has of an African society.
As much as Nigerians will argue about Nigerians being the most educated immigrants to America, or other countries around the world, the west will also see Nigeria as a representation of Boko-Haram, Libyan Slave Trade, failed state system with a failed pattern of leadership. 
The intelligent ones living abroad should not be aloof while Nigeria continues to degenerate.
It’s up to each of us to project the good and positives, Nigeria /Africa has to offer the world.
It is up to us to chat a new cause for the next political dispensation, to create a Nigeria / Africa comfortable for our children and children’s children to live in.

The Leaders of any country in Africa, should always put their countries and citizens first.
History is beckoning on us to Rebirth our ideologies, towards making our Nigeria and other west African countries safe and habitable for us all. 
In Summary, Nigerian Leaders, should  Please confront the factors that push their citizens to flee the nation.

We can begin by strengthening  existing Institutions – Health care System, Power and Electricity, Security.  
Nigeria should Respect her citizens, develop their capacities, respect your Borders of other countries and respect its own borders. 
Nigeria should uphold it’s rule of law, Regulations & Diversity.
Indeed, every citizen longs for a Government that fulfils it’s responsibilities and obligations.
Every citizen deserves a decent life, a government that cares about it’s well being, interest, security and prosperity.
It takes time but in the long-run when we become frail,our children’s-children will be more wiling to invest in their societies and not emigrate our nations, cos it will be safe for their investments with a more conducive environment.
African Union , tasked with the responsibility of ensuring unity and solidarity between African countries and African people has a major role to play. 
The government of South Africa should stop  sidelining xenophobic violence, and naturalising anti-outsider violence by blaming it on criminality or the natural resentment poor South Africans feel towards those they perceive as stealing opportunities from them.

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