Tension In Imo As Marauding Fulani Herdsmen Vows To Wipe Out Entire Community

Palpable tension has enveloped Imo state communities as a result of persistent fulani herdsmen Attacks and consequent killings.

It was learnt that the fulani herdsmen has been marauding and killing innocent citizens in Imo state communities and other South East states of Nigeria in general for quite a long time.

The herdsmen moves around in every communities with their cattle Confidently and are always well armed with AK47, machete and other dangerous weapons even in the presence of the security forces without being intercepted.

Tension in Imo community as Fulani herdsmen kill farmer - News ...
Imo State Police Chief

They invade farmlands of indigenes of the communities, destroy crops and severally engaged them in violent attacks and even rape unsuspecting women both married and young girls in the area. This unjust act has been going on for many years as the indigenes of these communities now live in constant fear of the invaders, and also experience hardship, severe hunger and their only source of livelihood have been affected too since they can no longer farm on their own land anymore.

Herdsmen kill 65-year-old man in Imo, threatens to attack the ...
Farmer murdered In His Farm By Herdsmen

The Amnesty International were said to have recorded and condemned this act as a total violation of human rights on the part of the fulani herdsmen.

According to some indigenes of the affected communities in the state, it was learnt that the people have been calling on the government to come to their aid over the senseless killings and abuse of their fundamental human rights in the hands of the fulani herdsmen for a long time now, but no action has been taken to that effect even till this day.

It was gathered that the people have reportedly lost confidence in it’s government on the failure to protects the lives and properties of law abiding citizens of the country.

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A particular case in study was said to have happened in Atta village Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo state on February 25 2018, where one elder Ozoemena Iriaka and his two sons were said to have been gruesomly murdered in their own farm by the fulani herdsmen. According to our source, One Mr Declan Odime Okaru, an indigene of Atta village said elder Ozoemena and his two sons went to their farm one fateful morning and found some herdsmen grazing their cattle on their farm, hence destroying crops. Having confronted them and tried to chase away the cattle from the farm, an action which seemed to have angered the herdsmen who attacked them with machetes and Ak47 rifle, inflicting gun shot injuries and deep machete cuts on the heads and body parts of the deceased persons as they tried to escape.

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The news of the murder of elder Ozoemena Iriaka and his two sons provoked the youths of Atta village and immediately they went after the herdsmen and caught them as they were about to escape from the area, the youths handed the herders over to the police authority for prosecution which never happened according to our source.

On March 21 2018 was said to be the most recent attacks to have happened in Umuopara Uhu Ugiri in Isialla Mbano Local Government Area of Imo state. This is coming barely a month from the last attack that occurred in the neighboring town.

It was reported, in the heat of the palpable tension some of the farmers in the said community summoned courage and went into their farmlands to check the damages caused by the herdsmen and their cattle, while they were still in the farms checking, suddenly they were surrounded by the herdsmen who attacked them fiercely.

Panic in Imo community as alleged herdsmen kill security operative ...
A Member Of An Imo Community Allegedly Murdered By Fulani Herdsmen

The farmers retreated and tried to defend themselves, which eventually resulted into a violent clashes in the community, where few lives of human and cattle were lost, many sustained injuries, while few narrowly escaped with various degree of injuries. This time, the internet was filled with disturbing video clips and images of people brutally murdered by the fulani herdsmen as shown in the page.

Following the ugly incidence, many youths in the community and some herdsmen were arrested and detained by the police authority. Thereafter there was an alleged accusation on the others who escaped the scene as being responsible for spearheading the action that led to these clashes. For this reason the State police authorities declared the following persons wanted. One Mr. Benjamin Chidobi Ekwelem of Umuopara Uhu Ugiri Village in Isialla Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, one Mr. Timothy Ebere Njoku of Ibeme village in Isialla Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State and Mr Prince Okechukwu Onuoha Aku Village Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State. (If found should be reported to the relevant authorities).

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While these was on going, the entire communities were deserted, it was reported that some fulani herdsmen trooped into the communities, hounding the indigenes as everyone abandoned their homes and scampered out of town for their dear lives, because the herdsmen vowed to wipe out the entire communities to avenge the lost of their members and cattle.

Now, the question in everyone’s mind is why the Federal Government of Nigeria have failed to describe this deadly group of people as terrorists? Even as they continue to attack and kill innocent citizens daily in every part of the country today. In your own opinion is self defense a crime?Chat Conversation.

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