Smartphone Battery Life: Best Ways To Save On Energy

Smartphone best battery life users have already been tooting this horn for months (maybe years) so It’s really nothing groundbreaking to say battery life is pretty dumpy. All it takes is a little web surfing, a few apps here and there and your brand-new do-it-all device is already exhausted. Smart phone owners have dreamed for a day where there phone will last days on a single charge, and while it may happen, shoppers for now are stuck to examining reviews for the best smartphone battery life. But there are a few surprising ways you can stretch your phones power before its back to the plug. All you need is a little creativity, and your phone may just last that long car ride.

For one, this coming straight out of Consumer Reports, keep your phone in an open area. Smart phones are always working hard to achieve maximum signal from your carrier, and that work gets even harder when you store it under layers. Keeping it in a desk or compartment may keep it safe, but the extra work the phone does to maintain signal may be a drain.

The same goes for when you are in a low-signal environment. This happens a lot at football games and sporting events, as much as in secluded areas. When your phone has a hard time connecting, it tries even harder, making the phone battery drain quicker. If you know it’s going to be a hassle just to connect, be patient and surrender for a few hours. Turn your phone off, or switch to airplane mode for the brief period. You won’t be connecting with people anyways. Also, the report continues, features like Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi are all handy, but aren’t always necessary. Only turn them on when you use them. They are real energy eaters.

Auto-updating is a cool feature on phones that allow users to have up-to-the-minute access to Facebook and other social media, and keep their apps running swiftly. But those auto-updates use energy, and are sometimes less necessary. Update items yourself, and do it less often.

Your screen brightness can also take unnecessary battery life. Taking it down Smartphone best pixel resolution a few notches can be helpful.

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