Khloe Kardashian told Lamar Odom she needed to end their marriage once and for all … because the clock is ticking and she wants kids …
Sources say Khloe sat Lamar down recently and explained she wanted a family, and couldn’t even start the process of looking until she was single again.
We’re told Khloe made it clear to Lamar from the time he almost died last year … she was dropping the divorce because she wanted to help him get better. She vowed not to re-file until he was able to run his own life day-to-day, and she believes he’s at that point right now.
Khloe has made it clear to friends and family… there has never been a romantic relationship since she filed for divorce the first time around in December 2013.
Lamar, we’re told, completely understood, and the 2 vow to remain friends, and Khloe has promised she’ll help him whenever he needs it.

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