10,000 traffic cameras to be installed in Lagos state

Lagos state government has unveiled its plan to install traffic cameras around the state in a bid to ensure strict obedience to traffic laws.

The Lagos state Commissioner for Science and Technology, Olufemi Odubiyi in a chat with YNaija at the YTech100 event at Social Media Week Lagos, revealed that plans have already been concluded by the state to install traffic cameras for better traffic monitoring.

The Commissioner also said that to reduce the heavy gridlock that has now come to be the trademark of the metropolitan city, the government is working on introducing other means of transport.

He noted that congestion is what causes traffic and therefore the government has resolved to address the issue.

He said “Under the smart city project, there is the e-transport. It is congestion that causes traffic and to deal with congestion you have to look at other means of transport.”

“The state would use technology to coordinate the service delivery among these means of transport to create a routine so that people can schedule their movement. You can easily plan when you know exactly how long it would take you to move from one point to the other.”

“We are deploying 10,000 traffic cameras within the state”, he added.

“These are cameras that have facial recognition and also have the ability to recognise car plate numbers. The government does not have to run after habitual offenders because they will be caught.”

The commissioner also said the introduction of the mobile courts is another way the government is working to alleviate the traffic situation of the state, noting that traffic offenders, who are sometimes the cause of gridlocks, would be given instant punitive measures, upon apprehension.

Odubyi also revealed the plan of the government to empower people in technology by educating them right from the primary school level.

He highlighted the efforts of the government in ensuring that Lagos remains the technological hub of the country.

“Government is empowering people via education in technology and also technology training from primary, secondary and tertiary level of education.”

“We build computer centers in schoold with 20 computers and solar inverters to help create empowerment in Lagos state,” he revealed.

He noted that the government is doing everything to make life easier for Lagosians. “All these is to make life better for Lagosians.”

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